WP 6: exposome toolbox

To maximize impact, methodological innovations from our research and innovation programme will be translated into practical “Exposome-Powered” tools. Each work package will deposit its developed tools, technologies and analytical workflows into a publicly accessible toolbox.

Ultimately, the efforts will result in three major end-products:  Reference Exposome, Exposome Maps, and Exposome Navigator. The products will be co-developed with stakeholders in the EXPANSE User Stakeholder Panel (USP).

Lead partner: utrecht university

reference exposome

These are region-specific panels of urban dwellers whose External and Internal Exposome is quantified. These panels can be used as reference for future  studies  and  for  network analyses that allow the understanding of differences in levels and connectivity of Urban Exposomes between regions, and between population demographics, including gender and age.

exposome maps

These are Pan-European spatially resolved maps on multiple stressors to be used by policy makers and health studies. The main domains of the Urban Exposome (the food, physico-chemical, social, and built environments) are represented in these maps. Exposome Maps can be used to provide estimates of Urban Exposome factors on a single fixed location (e.g. home address) or along a trajectory on the map (e.g. route from home address to work address).


the exposome navigator

This is an application that allows individuals to quantify their own Exposome score by integrating information on location, activities, lifestyle choices and biological read-outs. Whereas the Exposome Maps are targeted to the population at large, the Exposome Navigator is targeted towards the individual.








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