WP 4: interventions

Our goal is to develop and evaluate intervention strategies to prevent CMPD and promote health by modifying aspects of the Urban Exposome at the population and individual level

Lead partner: ISGlobal

 By focusing on the Urban Exposome, we account for complex interconnections between individual and community behaviour, local environments, and characteristics of urban design and planning to derive more accurate, realistic, and comprehensive estimates of the net impact of simultaneous changes in multiple exposures. The political and societal acceptability of strategies to improve health hinge on clear messages regarding who will benefit and who will bear the costs. There is thus a critical need for innovative methods that can quantify the health impacts (positive or negative) of disease prevention strategies that account for i) multiple exposures in an integrated way, ii) individual and collective behaviour in complex systems, and iii) distributional considerations of who in society benefits and who incurs the cost of prevention strategies.







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