WP 1: External exposome


A wealth of data on environmental stressors, such as regulated air pollutants and green space, has been developed in the past decade. For most of these stressors, the simple direct linking of existing geo-spatial maps to assess individual exposure is not optimal, as it generally lacks the relevant information on spatiotemporal aspects of exposure.

EXPANSE will characterize the External Urban Exposome incorporating spatiotemporal patterns in both individual-based behaviours and shared community Exposome compartments to infer precicse and personalized individual Exposome estimates.

Lead partner: SWISS TPH

comprehensive set of methods

Through developing a comprehensive set of methods and analytical tools, we will address the major challenges associated with accessing, obtaining, analysing, integrating, extending, and releasing complex spatiotemporal data to enable research on the health effects of Exposome factors.

Such methods and approaches will enhance the understanding and modelling of the spatio-temporal characteristics of different environments (e.g., air quality, social cohesion), their mobility and use (e.g., activity spaces comprising home, work, recreation). 







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