WP 7: exposome hub

The Exposome Hub is a web-enabled “open science, co-creation” portal where scientists, policymakers, and private sector users can upload, access, and share Exposome data, methods, and tools while collaborating in virtual workspaces on joint research and development projects. The Hub will allow users to create their own work spaces, with specific (tiered) access rights and corresponding intellectual property and privacy protection measures.  


Lead partner: university of tartu

open science workspaces

Open Science workspaces are targeted at research groups to have access (during and after the running time of EXPANSE) to the Exposome Toolbox. With this access, they can apply the Toolbox to their own data. They will also be able to study associations between the Urban Exposome and health outcomes not covered by EXPANSE. Finally, the open science workspace will be used to interact with existing and new Exposome initiatives (including the other Exposome projects funded under this call) to identify synergies, knowledge exchange, and avoid overlap between comparable activities.

co-creation workspaces

Co-Creation workspaces are targeted towards collaborations between Private Sector users, researchers, and/or public sector policymakers to develop tools to improve or better study the Urban Exposome (outside of and beyond duration of this project). Access will be safeguarded by appropriate IP and privacy protection mechanisms. For example, we will offer our EXPANSE resource to industrial partners to pilot new sensors (e.g. M2M4ALL for air pollution sensors)  and Exposome Apps (e.g. GameSolutions). We will also offer access to researchers outside the consortium with an interest in health outcomes or exposures not covered in our proposal.







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