EXPANSE is a five-year European research project that focuses on the urban exposome and involves 19 academic and non-academic partners located in 14 European countries and the USA.

The main aim of EXPANSE is to address one of the most pertinent questions for urban planners, policy makers, and inhabitants in Europe: “How to maximize one’s health in a modern urban environment?” To this end the EXPANSE project has been structured around seven Work Packages (WP’s).


urban exposome

By 2030 more than 80% of Europe’s population will live and interact with a complex urban environment, consisting of a mixture of social and environmental factors. Individually or collectively these factors, known as the Urban Exposome, have an often modifiable impact on our health and provide important targets to improve population health.


Cardio-METABOLMIC AND pulmonary health

The EXPANSE infrastructure facilitates studying the impact of the Urban Exposome on a vast array of health outcomes, including cardiometabolic health, pulmonary health, and well-being. EXPANSE will dedicate its resources towards the Urban Exposome risk factors for Cardio-Metabolic and Pulmonary Disease (CMPD).

EXPANSE’s goal is to improve Cardio-Metabolic and Pulmonary Health (CMPH). We will do this by studying the impact of the Urban Exposome on Cardio-Metabolic and Pulmonary Disease (CMPD) and by evaluating the impact of intervening on specific factors in the Urban Exposome on reducing the burden of CMPD.

It's the ongoing tension between scientific question and technical challenge that generates the key to new insights

Prof. Roel Vermeulen, chair Exectuvie Board EXPANSE







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